Zeiss LSM 700 Axio Observer.Z1 Inverted Confocal Microscope

2015 Zeiss LSM 700 Microscope

LSM 700
Year of MFG
Functional - Uninstalled


Model Number
Axio Observer.Z1
Condition Notes
This microscope is in very good condition. It has been inspected by Zeiss, who hopes to continue servicing the device.
Date of Availability
Are the manuals present?
Are the software disk(s) present?
Additional Accessories
This microscope comes with the Newport Vision IsoStation anti-vibration table, mounts, incubation chamber, manuals, etc. It is a complete, turn-key system.
Egress Description
This microscope will be delivered on six pallets and is available for pickup at the NH Lucid warehouse. There is a full dock.


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Inspection Video:


This machine was under Zeiss service for its duration at the facility where it was used. The device was packed by Zeiss, shipped, and reassembled and inspected by Zeiss once at Lucid. Zeiss wishes to continue to service this microscope. This is what Zeiss says about service: "...it is best to wait until it is installed at its final location. Once an agreement is put in place, there are certain things that cannot be changed, including the start and end dates. So it would be best to have it at its final destination before quoting. I’ve included the pricing information and details below: Protect Premium Service Agreement: $15,408. One (1)* preventative maintenance inspection per agreement year. This includes all labor and travel associated with conducting this PM inspection visit. All labor and travel related charges associated with any service visit in addition to the PM visit as may be required during the contract year, is included. All covered replacement parts 10% Discount on Consumable Purchases. 10% Discount on Instrument Upgrades Software version upgrades when available for LSM, EM and XRM service agreements (excludes platform upgrades) Scheduled and emergency service performed between the hours of 8:00 AM and 5:00 PM Monday through Friday excluding Carl Zeiss Microscopy, LLC holidays. Factory trained Customer Support Engineers Software Version Updates for (Protect Premium LSM, EM and X-Ray Service Agreements only) Software version upgrades are available on an “as-issued“ basis and will be offered upon request. The software upgrade will pertain to minor version upgrades (i.e. 2.0 to 2.1) and do not include platform upgrades (i.e. AIM to ZEN). The software installation will be covered under the service agreement, however standard time and material rates will apply for the installation of software upgrades to all off-line workstations."

Overall Condition:

The device is in very good condition. It is functioning to OEM specifications.


We have left this device assembled. You may come inspect it at any time. It is located in Portsmouth, NH.

Leases or Loans:

We can get you extremely competitive leases or loans for this equipment, assuming qualifying credit and financials.

Peripheral Equipment:

There is a long list. We have images of everything above. This is a turn-key system. Please feel free to inquire about any peripheral equipment. Objectives: C-APOCHROMAT 40x-1,2 W Korr UV-VIS-IR, p/n 421767-9971 N-APOCHROPLAN 10x-0,25, p/n 420940-9901 Plan-APOCHROMAT 63x, p/n 420782-9900