Clarity. Finally.

Lucid Equipment is the first truly transparent marketplace and asset management company for medical equipment. We’re an agency – not a broker or a dealer – and we work in partnership with sellers and buyers to provide clarity through transparency.

We are changing how business is done in the used medical equipment marketplace.

Know the Equipment.
Know the Value.
Know What to Do.

Through our global marketplace, hospitals, healthcare facilities and leasing companies can now easily access the right information to get the right price–every time.


We mitigate risk. We help you generate profit by operating outside of trades and by levelling the playing field in the secondary market. Data, competition, and transparency are paramount—and we give you all three.


We create a competitive environment to increase the value of equipment sales and purchases.


We manage every deal expertly, based on the decisions you make. You will always be kept informed and in charge throughout the process.

Take Advantage of the Market.

Buy and sell medical equipment in our totally transparent, competitive marketplace. There are no initial fees or membership costs, it’s easy to use, and both buyers and sellers benefit.


When you buy in the Lucid Equipment marketplace, you’ll be engaging in a comfortable, low-risk, well-informed transaction. You’ll know everything about the quality and condition of the device before you make a commitment.

Offers cannot be leveraged because they are submitted directly to sellers. Deals are not lost due to broker greed because all commissions are pre-arranged.

marketplace for medical equipment
selling in the marketplace


Stop losing money in inefficient trades or sales. Use the first truly transparent and competitive marketplace that gives you more value for your medical equipment.

When you sell in the Lucid Equipment marketplace, you take advantage of a fully transparent, efficient system rich in competition and designed to put money back in your organization’s pocket.  

There are no upfront costs, and you only pay a commission to Lucid.

Start Buying & Selling