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Listing quality is the single greatest factor that determines the price for your machine. It supersedes even time-on- market and market size. If a listing is of poor quality it can be exposed to everyone on Earth for a million years and it will never sell. The opposite is true for a high-quality listing. In fact, the more high-quality information you are able to provide, the more likely you are to sell your item at a retail level. Put yourself in the buyer’s shoes. What would you want to know about it if you were a potential buyer for the item? What would attract you to a listing? How would you feel about a listing that was lacking information or offered blurry images? How would you feel about a listing that offered ample high-quality information with photographic proof?

Here’s what you should expect when you are creating a listing:

  • There might be a few steps to creating a listing depending on what it is you are selling. Do you need to get service history reports from your biomedical department? Do you have access to the original purchase documents or will you have to request those from accounting?
  • First, you should be prepared to take pictures of whatever it is you would like to sell. When we are taking pictures for listings we take images with smartphones and email them to ourselves.
  • Try to tell as much about the machine as you can with images. For example, does the machine come with a manual? Take a picture of it. Are you documenting important information like tube-slice count or software options? Take a picture!
  • You’re trying to sell your item, so be sure to use good images. Use larger images because they show more detail. Hold very still while taking pictures.
    Our worksheets are thorough but machines can be so unique that buyers can still have questions.
Please describe any known issues with the equipment.
(i.e., When do you expect the machine to be removed?)

(e.g., GE System ID, Siemens Functional Location Number, etc.)

Hint: Digital machines have detectors and analog machines have image intensifiers.
(e.g., 6 inches, 9 inches, 12 inches, or Combination)
(ACR = American College of Radiology)

(i.e., How many patients see this machine daily?)

Note:  Not every ultrasound displays Measurement Options.  You'll come across the Measurements in the Utilities, Options, or Setup section when you're looking for Software Options.  Like Calcs, Measurements generally describe how a machine is set up, e.g., Vascular, General Imaging, Cardiac, etc.
Note:  Not every ultrasound has "Calcs."  You'll come across the Calcs in the Utilities, Options, or Setup section when you're looking for Software Options.  Calcs generally describe how a machine is set up, e.g., Vascular, General Imaging, Cardiac, etc.
Note:  Not every ultrasound displays its "Presets."  You'll come across the Presets in the Utilities, Options, or Setup section when you're looking for Software Options.  Like with Calcs and Measurements, Presets generally describe how a machine is set up, e.g., Vascular, General Imaging, Cardiac, etc.
Please provide model names, numbers, and serial numbers.

Hint: We're not looking for software options here just the overall software level.

Note:  Describing Software Options is VERY important.   You'll find Software Options in the Utilities, Options, or Setup section or tab.  You sometimes have to press a similarly labeled key on the keyboard to get there.  Please, do not hesitate to call us if you're having trouble.

(e.g., Anterior, Posterior, Irrigation, Vitrectomy, etc.)

(e.g., Cardiac Features, AutoBone, Gating, etc.)

Hint: This is not applicable for all models.

(i.e., Is the tube "spitting"?)
Upload images of the on-screen report showing the recent tube health showing "Arcs" or "Spits."
This question applies to many modalities.  For most x-ray devices, this question is where you can state the housing model, power maximums, hours, etc.  Statistics for CT are more complex.  Regardless of modality, different manufacturers use different nomenclature. For example, in CT, GE uses mAs, Siemens uses slice counts, but Toshiba uses exposures. We're trying to describe how "used" the tube is and thus how much life remains.
Upload the on-screen report showing tube statistics.
This could be Slice count, mAs, Scan Seconds, etc. Manufacturers report use - "mileage" - in different ways.

Hint: Some lasers have two sides to them, like a YAG side and an ALEX side. There will be shot counts for each side.

Hint: Some lasers have two sides to them, like a YAG and an ALEX side. There will be lamp counts for each side.

Hint: This could be spot sizes, such as 10mm, or handpiece model names.

(e.g., Sevoflurane, Isoflurane, etc.)

(e.g., Steam, Dry Heat, etc.)

(e.g. Birthing, Hospital, Pediatric, etc.)

(e.g., Remote or Sideboard)
(e.g., Footboard or Sideboard)

(e.g., Patient rotation)

(e.g., Percussion and Vibration)

Please have your in-house biomed or field engineer perform a quality control check and upload the report here.

(e.g., Fluoro, Pulsed Fluoro and Digital Radiology)

(e.g., TV mounted on acrylic)

Please list.

Please describe.

(e.g., 1.5T or 3T)

(e.g., Model Number and Number of Channels)

Please describe.

You can upload patient scans here.  They MUST BE ANONYMOUS to comply with HIPPA.  Scans can be anonymized at the PACS console.  Scans must also be converted to .jpg or .png form. Whenever possible, show every aspect of a machine's capabilities.  Always use the most recent scans possible, and try to keep the date visible in the anonymization process. This is advanced.  Please, by all means, let us know if you have difficulty envisioning or completing this process.  We will offer alternative solutions and make it easy for you.

(e.g., NIBP, SP02 and Temp)

(e.g., Video and Surgical Arm)

(e.g., Forceps, Endoscopes, Drivers, etc.)

Please describe any known problems or blemishes.

"Endoscopy Equipment" can be used to describe many things. You might only be trying to sell a single scope, camera, insufflator, lightsource, or any number of other devices. You might be trying to sell a full system. Add a device here, and answer "yes" to the "Do you have another device" question as necessary to list your system. If you have many identical pieces, you should create multiple listings to sell those items separately. It's best to try to sell systems whole, and in the way they are commonly configured. It doesn't make sense, for example, to try to sell dozens of cameras with one system.
Sometimes a device has a model name, and sometimes just a model number. Sometimes a device has both. Always give as much information as you can.
Upload images of each scope here.

Pictures really can be worth a thousand words–or at least very helpful in equipment listings. Take pictures of all elements of your equipment you think is relevant, including images of peripherals like manuals, software disks, or tube-slice counts. Using pictures also can help make the listing process shorter. Using images allows you to group similar elements of a piece of equipment, like software options, on their own page, instead of listing each one individually. We recommend turning off "Location Services" on your phone before taking photos. When taking pictures of monitors, it is also best to turn the flash off. Please note that you can upload multiple images at once and the following file types are supported: jpg, jpeg, gif, png. (Minimum width of 485px recommended.)

Upload some ANONYMIZED patient images or test images produced with the scopes here.

Document must be a .pdf, .doc, .docx, or .txt file.

Document must be a .pdf, .doc, .docx, or .txt file.

(e.g. Fifth floor, 36" Wide Doors, Roof Hatch, etc.)

Document must be a .pdf, .doc, .docx, or .txt file.

Please use this opportunity to describe anything you wish about the machine or your facility. For example, maybe you will only allow access to your facility on Tuesdays. Maybe you require the deinstallation team to have masonite on the floor. Maybe this machine has been a particularly good machine and you want to say that... This is your opportunity to tell the story!

Adding and editing notes requires some knowledge of the TinyMCE content editor. Follow this link to learn a bit more about TinyMCE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kIW8Zlnuc4g

Edit Existing Notes

This can be anything.  Phantoms, manuals, software disks, specification screens in the console...

Year of MFG





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Please contact us with any questions you have as you go through this process.