2008 1.5T 16Ch GE Echospeed 23x HDx MRI

2008 GE 1.5T 16Ch GE Echospeed 23x HDx MRI

1.5T 16Ch GE Echospeed 23x HDx
Year of MFG


Condition Notes
Excellent Condition. Easy egress.
Date of Availability
Geographical Location
Boston Suburbs
Are the software disk(s) present?
Is the equipment under service?
Software Revision Level
Software Option Details
Arc (Permanent) 3D ASL (Permanent) Asset (Permanent) Blood Flow and Volume Measurement (Permanent) Bloodsupp (Permanent) BRAVO (Permanent) BREAST2 (Permanent) Breast Single Voxel Spectroscopy (Permanent) BrainWave HW (Permanent) BrainWave PA (Permanent) BrainWave RT (Permanent) BrainWave Fusion (Permanent) BrainStat AIF *NOT INSTALLED* Cine (Permanent) CINE IR *NOT INSTALLED* COSMIC (Permanent) Cube T2 (Permanent) 3D Dual Echo (Permanent) Delayed Echo (Permanent) Delayed Enhancement (Permanent) 3D Delayed Enhancements (Permanent) Dual Array *NOT INSTALLED* DW EPI (Permanent) E3DTOF (Permanent) Enhanced DWI (Permanent) Echo Planar Imaging (Permanent) Fastcine (Permanent) Fast Gradient Echo (Permanent) FGRE Time Course *NOT INSTALLED* Fiesta 2D (Permanent) 2D Fat Sat Fiesta (Permanent) Fiesta 3D (Permanent) 3D Fat Sat Fiesta (Permanent) Fiesta-c (Permanent) Flair3D (Permanent) Flair EPI (Permanent) Flow Analysis *NOT INSTALLED* 3DFRFSE (Permanent) Fast Spin Echo and FLAIR (Permanent) FSE_XL (Permanent) Fluoro-triggered MRA (Permanent) Time of Flight (Permanent) 3D Heart *NOT INSTALLED* Modality Worklist (Permanent) IDEAL (Permanent) iDrive (Permanent) iDrive Pro (Permanent) Image Filter (Permanent) Inhance DeltaFlow (Permanent) Inhance 2D Inflow (Permanent) Inhance 3D Velocity (Permanent) Inhance 3D Inflow IR (Permanent) Lava (Permanent) LAVA-DE (Permanent) LAVA-XV (Permanent) 2D MERGE (Permanent) 3D MERGE (Permanent) Multi-echo fgrem *NOT INSTALLED* Multi-Nuclear Spectroscopy (Permanent) Multi-Phase (Variable delays) (Permanent) Navigator (Permanent) Phase Contrast Vascular Imaging (Permanent) Fgret (Permanent) Performed Procedure Step (Permanent) PROBE 3D Brain (Permanent) Probe 2000 Upgrade (Permanent) ProbePRESS (Permanent) PROPELLER (Permanent) DW PROPELLER (Permanent) T1 Flair PROPELLER (Permanent) T2 PROPELLER (Permanent) T2 Flair PROPELLER (Permanent) Probe 3D Prostate *NOT INSTALLED* QuickSTEP (Permanent) Ready Brain *NOT INSTALLED* MR-Echo *NOT INSTALLED* Research (Permanent) Research PSD (Permanent) iDrive Pro Plus (Permanent) Fgret Real Time (Permanent) Spectro Analysis GE (Permanent) Smart Prep (Permanent) SPECIAL (Permanent) Spectroscopy/PROBE (Permanent) SSFSE (Permanent) SSFSE MRCP (Permanent) T2Star Weighted Angiography (Permanent) SWIFT (Permanent) T2MAPTagging (Permanent) Diffusion Tensor (Permanent) Three Plane Localizer (Permanent) Time Course *NOT INSTALLED* MRTOUCH *NOT INSTALLED* FiberTrak (Permanent) TRICKS (Permanent) VIBRANT-DE *NOT INSTALLED* IP Protection (Permanent) 8 Channel System *NOT INSTALLED* 16 Channel System (Permanent) 32 Channel System *NOT INSTALLED*
Number of Channels
Current Helium Level
Field Strength
Magnet Model
8981 CX / LCC Magnet
Coil Model Description
GE pn 2416329 HNS Anterior Head GE   pn 2416329 HNS Posterior Head GE pn 2416329 Horse Shoe (Anterior adaptor) GE pn 2416329 Neck Chest GE pn 2416329 T - L spine GE pn 2320288 General purpose flex coil GE pn 2320288 General purpose flex coil GE pn 5308343-2 8-Ch receive shoulder HD GE pn 2415376 8-Ch Cardiac Array GE pn 2127315 TMJ R only 3' round INVIVO pn 5160986-2 8-Ch wrist array HD INVIVO pn 5147225-2 Knee-Chimney HD Quad GE pn 5114356-2 HD Knee array GE USA pn 2401500 HD breast array and 8-Ch GE pn 2418910 Head Rest GE pn 2415562 HD lower leg array base GE pn 2415562 Connector = Pre amp unit GE pn 2415562 RT leg unit GE pn 2415562 LT leg unit GE pn 2341973 Quad head       GE pn 2416616 12-Ch body HD array Sentinelle 8-Ch Breast Coil
Gradient Model?
Parts Numbers, YOM, etc., for Important or Primary Parts
Level 3 System Cabinet LEVEL 3 SYS CAB ASM, 1.5T pn 5308573 YOM 2009 16-Channel System Cabinet 1.5T SYS CAB ASM, 16 CHAN pn 5308572-2 YOM 2009 HFD Cabinet with HFA+ HFD CABINET WITH HFA+ pn 5107849-3
Are the manuals present?
Egress Description
The machine is located on the first floor of a large suburban medical center. Egress is relatively easy.


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