Entire Commercial Laundry For Sale: G.A. Braun, Unimac, Felins, etc. Misc.

G.A. Braun, Unimac, Felins, etc. Misc. Laundry Equipment

Laundry Equipment
G.A. Braun, Unimac, Felins, etc.
Year of MFG
Functional - Installed


Condition Notes
All of this equipment is in working condition. All equipment has been under service since installation. A third-party inspector has examined the equipment and describes it as being in 'very well maintained and in good working condition.' We consider some pieces of the equipment to be in average but functional condition and other pieces to be in nearly-new condition, such as the ADC 170 dryers that were installed eighteen months ago.
Date of Availability
Are the manuals present?
Is the equipment under service?
Egress Description
The hospital is removing a wall to assist removal. The exit is a straight shot to the dock once the equipment goes through the wall into the hallway. See the egress map in the 'supporting documents' section. The dock is a 'half-dock,' and it is not standard dock height, so a forklift will be required. A few items - the dryers, the large Braun washers, and the Braun finishers like the Flatwork Ironer and the Folder/Cross-Folder will need some disassembly, but the hospital stands ready to assist should you require help. We expect the items that require rigging to go up on skates; the egress is straightforward from there.
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Equipment List: (1) 1992 G.A. Braun 600NMTDP Washer, (1) 1999 G.A. Braun 400NMTDP-3 Washer, (1) 1999 Unimac UW125PVNU40001 Washer, (1) 2002 G.A Braun Small Piece Folder Model SPFRF, (1) Felins Pak-Tyer 2000, (1) 2006 G.A. Braun Omega Folder/Cross Folder with Stacker, (1) 1990 G.A. Braun Omega Delta 2 Flatwork Ironer, (1) 2006 G.A. Braun MP2SSF Blanket Spreader Feeder, (1) 2016 Energenics FRP-15 Lint Collection System, (3) 2016 ADC 170 model ADS170, (1) 1995 Colmac CS 50-RH Steam Tunnel, (2) Northern Air Corporation Pollution Fighter, (1) Weigh-Tronix Scale.