GE 16-Channel Signa Echospeed HDxt 16.x

2003 GE Signa Echospeed HDxt MRI

Signa Echospeed HDxt
Year of MFG
Functional - Installed


Condition Notes
This is a mobile MRI. It's in an Ellis and Watts trailer. The trailer will be detached from the building by the hospital.
Date of Availability
Are the manuals present?
Are the software disk(s) present?
Is the equipment under service?
Software Option Details
Options: HDx Key IDEAL 3D Dual Echo ARC Cube T2 2D Fat Sat Fiesta 16 Channel System Lava FLAIR3D Multi-Phase (variable delays) Blood Flow and Volume Measure... Time Course 2D Merge LAVA-XV BRAVO COSMIC 3DFRFSE Asset Plus TRICKS FIESTA-c BREAST2 Multi-Nuclear Spectroscopy Functool 2 Voxtool Interactive Vascular Imaging Clariview Performed Procedure Step iDrive Pro Plus PROBE 3d Brain Ultrashort TR T2 Breathold SSFSE MRCP T1 Breathold ACGD PLUS Fluoro-triggered MRA MRCP3 Dynamic R1 Fiesta 2D Fiesta 3D Delayed Enhancement Asset Inhance 2D Inflow Inhance 3D Velocity Inhance 3D Inflow IR Propeller DWI 3D Fat Sat Fiesta Propeller T2 FSE_XL Bloodsupp Fastcine Tagging Sgdperf iDRIVE Pro iDrive SmartPrep 2000 Upggrade (that's not a Lucid typo) Probe 2000 Upgrade Multi-Nuclear Spectroscopy SGD_Echospeed DW EPI FLAIR EPI SPECIAL Smart Prep SSFSE Three Plane Localizer Modality Worklist E3DTOF FSE_XL Echo Planar Imaging Fast Gradient Cine Fast Spin Echo & FLAIR Time of Flight Phase Contrast Vascular Imaging Spectroscopy/PROBE Installed Applications: Edit Patient Film Composer CD/DVD Data Export Viewer Mini Viewer Add/Sub 3D IVI Functool Clariview Reformat SWIFT SR Viewer ProtoCopy CIET ProtoExchange
Software Revision Level
Phantom(s) Included?
Injector Included?
Injector Manufacturer
Injector Model
Spectris Solaris EP
Number of Channels
Current Helium Level
Field Strength
Magnet Model
TeslaStrength 1.5
Number of Coils
Coil Model Description
GE Quad head Coil 8 channel head coil 16 channel GE HNS HD Head/Neck/Spine Array 8 channel GE NV Array 4 channel USA Instruments NV Array GE TMJ bilat coil assembly with head holder and pad. USA Instruments CTL coil GE 8 channel Torso Array GE 4 channel Torso GE 4 channel Cardiac 2 GE 4 channel Small Flex coils with connector box USA Instruments 4 channel Shoulder USA Instruments 8 Channel knee Invivo 4 channel knee/quad coil GE/Invivo 4 channel wrist GE 4 channel Breast with pads
Gradient Model?
Workstation Included?
Generator Included?
Generator Manufacturer
Kohler with a John Deere turbo Diesel engine
Generator Hours
470 total hours (not a typo)


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Trailer Condition:

Recent Miscellaneous Anonymous Patient Scans:

6/11/19 Phantom Scan

Inside of Trailer:

Trailer Condition:

See video above.  This trailer has not been moved in eons.  We can ready the trailer for road use or you can.  It needs tires, pontoons, and possibly brakes.  The brakes are probably frozen and may not need replacement.  

Egress Description Video

Trailer Rust:


We have had the trailer inspected by the DOT.  It is in "very good" condition and doesn't even need tires.  We are in the process of getting the inspection sticker.  


The title has been covered and is in hand.

Original Build:

This MRI was originally mounted into this trailer; they came as one unit.  

Egress Schematic:

See the "Additional Documents" download for an egress schematic.

Trailer Rust Images:

Be sure to go through all the images in the gallery.  The last few images are of the only significant rust on the trailer.  It's standard rust, and it can be remedied easily.